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  In 1999, the New Millennium Ride crossed North Asia and finished the first stage of the Seoul to Lisbon ride in Northeast Europe - 17,119 kilometers (10,614 miles ) from the start.  In 2000 the New Millennium Ride will complete a sweep of Europe, from Sicily to Europe's northern-most point and then to the finish at Europe's western-most point (estimated 16,000 kilometers or 9,920 miles).
March 20 New Millennium Ride embarks again from Boston, MA, USA
To resume the adventure ....
  Italy (Italia, Repubblica Italiana)
Crystal Palace Hotel
  23 Partanna - Mondello
(guest in Vittorio Raimondi's home)
Istituto Tecnico Nautico  "Gioeni - Trabia"
  24 Near Pollina, coastal bluff
  25 Tyndaris, among ruins of Greek amphi-theater
  26 Monte Sant' Elia 
  27 Pizzo
  28 San Marco Argentano 
  29 Palangano 
  30-31 BARI
(guest in the Taccaricchio Gang Headquarters)
Visited:  Alberobello "Viaggio nella Tradizione" 
April 1 Margherita di Savoia
  2 Just north of Termoli,  Molise
  3 Alba Adriatica
  4 Porto Potenza Picena
(guest of Ristorante-Pizzeria Riva Verde di Morbidoni Giuseppe s.n.c.)
  5 Madonna Del Ponte
Loreto, Marche
School visit: Istituto Professionale di Stato "Alfred Panzini"
  San Marino
Rode through San Marino
  Italy (Italia, Repubblica Italiana)
  6 Cervia, Romagna
  7-8 Mestre / Venice, Veneto
  9 Dulno Sistiana
  10-11 Planina (Storm layover in tent)
Gimnazija Vic
(guest in Grega Zrilic's home)
  Austria (Österreich)
  14 Dechantskirchen, Austria
  15-18 WEIN (Vienna)
(guest in Julia Pressl's home)
  Slovakia (Slovensko)
  19 Piestany, Slovakia
  20 Blazkov
  Poland (Polska)
  21 Oswiencim (Auschwitz), Poland
Whose memory lives when the last survivor dies?  -- William Faulkner
  22 Myszkow
  23 Piotrkow (Czestochowa)
  24 Piastow 
Zespol Szkol Chemicznych (school)
(guest in Jacek and Roma Gorski's home)
  25-26 Piastow 
(guest in Pete and Sue Hoffman's home)
  27-30 WARSZAWA (Warsaw)
Osrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy dla Dzieci Slabowidzscych im. dr Zofii Galewskiej (school)
(guest in Anne Crowley's and Jolanta Grabowska's home, 27-28 April)
The American School of Warsaw
(guest in Linda and Rob Hoiseth's home, 29-30 April)
May 1 Sokolow Podlaski
  2 Bialowieza
  3 Masiewo
  4 Bialowieza
Bialowieza Primeval Forest National Park
  5 Suchowolo
"geographic center of Europe"
Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace
  6 Lazdijai
(guest in Erika Wilson and Vilmantas Vitas' home)
  8-10 Ukmerge
(guest in Madeleine von Laue's home)
Ukmerges Antano Smetonos Vidurine Mokykla (Secondary School)
Local News Article
  11 Paskoniai
  Latvia (Latvijas Republika)
  12 Kekava
  Estonia (Eesti)
  13 Sooru
  14 Tartu
(guest in Pamela Paliskis' home
(guest in Carleen Talty's home)
  Finland (Suomi)
  16-22 &
Helsinki Information
(guest of Kapylan ala-aste School, Kapylan Ylaaste School and Kapylan Klubi)
  22 Begin 3-day biking and camping trip with Hollie
Camped at Poikko, near Naantali (a beautiful coastal resort town)
  23 Near Nousiainen
June 1 Meriharuun Leirikeskus, HELSINKI
(guest of Kapylan Klubi)
  2-3 Kapyla, HELSINKI
(guest of Kapylan ala-aste School)
  4 Vuolenkoski - between Lahti and Jaala
(guest in Merja and Pauli Pethman's home)
  5 Kohiseva - just N. of Juva
  6-8 Taipale - just S. of Iisalmi 
(guest in Eila and Toivo Kauhanen's lakeside cottage)
Visit to Ponsse
Newspaper Interview - Salmentar
  9 just N. of Ristijarvi
  10 on a lake 50 km S. of Kuusamo
  11-13 Ruka 
(guest in Merja and Pauli Pethman's log cabin resort cottage, Salminkangas D2)
Forest and Park Service
North Ostrobothnia Regional Environment Centre
Kuusamon Portti Hotel
  14 Saunavaara
  15-16 Sodankyla
(guest of Midnight Sun Film Festival Staff)
  17 North of Vuotso
(join company and forces with Dutch biker Huib Vlemmix)
  18 West of Houtoniemi
  Norway (Norge, Noreg)
  19 South of Lakselv
Newspaper interview - Finmark Dagblad
  20-21 Ride through the "night"
  21 Near Honningsvag
  22 Nordkapp
  23 Kvalsund
Hurtigruten from Honningsvag to Hammerfest
(guest of the Holmgren family)
  24 Alta
  25 Burfjord
  26 Olderdalen
  27 Tromse
  28-29 Andenes, Andoya
(guest of Wencke Kvande and Hanne Jacobsen - 28 June)
(say "farewell"  to Huib Vlemmix)
Whale Safari
(guest of Outi Tervo and the staff of Whale Safari - 29 June)
Andoya Rocket Range
  30 North of Solvaer, Lofoten

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