Zespol Szkol Chemicznych
ul.  Namyslowskiego 11
05-820 Piastow

Tel.: (48) 022 723-6585


NMR Presentation:
26 April 2000
  • Met with met with  8 different classes (a full day). 



    School Information:

  • 700 students (aged 15-21 years)
  • 70 teachers (average salary: 800zt/month; $200/month)
  • 2 English grammar teachers

  • 3 Curriculae:
  • Warstat – workshop and industrial arts (3 year program).
  • Technical – Chemistry and lab sciences, training for lab technicians (5 year program).
  • Liceum – College bound aspirants, ~275 students (4 year program).  The Liceum program is the most academic.  Students routinely have more than 30 hours of classes a week in at least 12 different courses: chemistry, biology, history, math, geography, religion, national service (rifle practice and self-defense), computer science (informatics), Polish (language, history, literature), English and/or German, music and PE.   Many of the students in the Liceum program are also involved in after school special tutorials: German and English. 
  • The school has three beautiful clay tennis courts, a dance hall, ping pong room, weight-lifting room, volleyball court, and a running program. 
  • Every class has an annual one to three day class trip to visit different areas of Poland: museums, historic cities, national parks, etc.
  • Students attend the school in shifts from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • School Contacts:
    Dr. Jacek Gorski
    Tel.: (48) 022 723-1059
    E-mail: zespol_szkol_piastow@go2.pl

    Dr. Jacek Gorski (L)
    and championship volleyball team

    Pete and Suzanne Hoffman
    (Until 7/2000)
    E-mail: trhogue@hotmail.com

    Sue and Pete - 
    "When the day is done, I gotchu, Babe."

    Zespol Szkol Chemicznych was built in the 50s as a trade school.  Today it is three schools in one.  “Like many secondary schools in Poland, Zespol Szkol Chemicznych is struggling to stay on course with the new reforms mandated by the ministry of education.”  Foreign languages and computer science are being pushed in the new initiative; but, schools have neither the funds nor the support of those who develop the national curriculum standards. 

    Zespol Szkol Chemicznych, anticipating global trends, developed its informatics program before the new reforms.  Now the school is finding it difficult to find the support to continue its computer science program in spite of the fact that such programs have been moved to the forefront of Poland’s education priorities.

    The New Millennium Ride had a wonderful visit in Piastow and at Zespol Szkol Chemicznych.  Thank you Pete and Suzanne Hoffman for inviting the New Millennium Ride to visit “your school.”  Thank you also for your generosity and great support, for organizing my meetings with students and teachers, and for making me feel very much at home in your apartment.

    A special thanks to Yacek and Roma Gorscy for your very enthusiastic and warm hospitality.  I will never forget the fabulous meals – my first taste of real Polish homemade treats - that came from Roma’s kitchen.  Thank you also for helping me with local logistics: bank, photo developing, etc.  It was a special treat to play tennis on the school’s clay courts.  I will try to play more often so that I might be a bit more competitive the next time we meet!

    Finally, thank you students of Zespol Szkol Chemicznych for the jar of crunchy peanut butter.  It will power me across the Baltic states to my next supply drop in Helsinki. 

    Pete with some of his students


    Suzanne with some of her students

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