Consummate Global Explorer Seeks Sponsors for Epic Bicycle Ride.


Experienced long-distance bicyclist, wilderness trip leader and accomplished solo voyager, educator and story-teller bicycling across the Eurasian Continent from Seoul to Lisbon, through 22 countries, linking the citizens of 50 cities.

We live in a time when technology and information bring us closer together.  Never before has information about "far away" places and those living on the other side of the world traveled to us more quickly; and yet, the virtual nature of the information we receive can be deceptive.  The flow of information increases our knowledge, or it can warp our sense of reality.  We need to maintain the human link to bring meaning, value and life to the technological link.  The New Millennium Ride is a ride of linking peoples across the globe.  The technological link will keep everyone informed and in touch.

For the past twenty-five years, whether inthe role of Big Brother in Maine or a volunteer EMT in Paraguay, whether canoeing the length of the Mississippi River or trekking on Mayan trails from the Yucatan to Tegucigalpa, whether organizing HIV awareness and prevention programs for the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand or developing special curricula for schools and universities in Korea, my purpose has been connecting, listening to and learning from, sharing with and motivating people to become pro-active.  I have always encouraged those I meet and work with to dare to visualize a reality on the far side of reason, to chase their dreams. Through face-to-face human contact, one-to-one encounters and exchange of ideas, we learn about and share our unique cultural heritage, we learn that incredible realities are possible.  There is no substitute for direct cross-cultural connections and experiences when it comes to understanding, embracing and celebrating diversity and individualism while reducing ethnocentrism.  We cannot begin to address the problems and obstacles to peaceful co-existence until we share in the common culture of all humanity.

The New Millennium Ride, first conceived ten years ago when I finished a 5,400 mile bicycle ride across North America, will link the people along the route and everyone who tunes in to read about the trip in newspapers, magazines, journals, or the net.  I will visit at least 25 schools during my ride - one in the capital city in each of the countries I will ride through and no less than eight other cities.  Many of these schools already have access to the Internet.  The students in these schools will be in touch with the expedition from start to finish.  The stories, journal entries and pictures I load onto the expedition website will bring the players in the drama together.  Schools will join together to provide a network of safe havens and drop points for information and supplies I will need along the way.

The New Millennium Ride will also provide great opportunities for strengthening international and intercultural understanding between the people of the United States and the peoples of other countries.  Even though I anticipate the New Millennium Ride will ultimately involve people from all over the world, the focus will be connecting the peoples of the countries I plan to visit:  South Korea, China, Mongolia, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, England, Wales, France, Andorra, Spain and Portugal.

Bicycles and bicycle technology are quite common the world over.  In the United States there has been a great resurgence in bicycling over the last 20 years.  Cities are grappling with the rising tide of cyclists.  Urban planners look for ways to accommodate bikes in municipalities.  In the countryside, old railroads and footpaths are being converted to bicycle paths.  Parks too are finding new ways to accommodate mountain bikers and those involved in cyclocross.  In other countries, the bicycle, once the primary form of transportation, is unfortunately giving way to the automobile, truck, even the motorcycle.

The New Millennium Ride will serve to promote a way of life that should not be discarded.  People should know that bicycles provide an extremely viable means of transportation; for short or long distance travel, there is no more environmentally friendly form of transportation.  Bicycling, as a form of recreation, is an excellent way to exercise and maintain good health as well.

I embark on this ride familiar with the trials and tribulations of living and working abroad.  I have lived in 12 countries on 5 continents: The United States, Bolivia, Germany, Portugal, Angola, Paraguay, England, Antigua, Panama, Guatemala, Thailand and Korea. I speak four languages well:  Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and English.  I also speak don't-go-hungry Korean, Lao and a few other tongues spoken by relatively few native speakers. I have never been frustrated to the point of defeat for not being able to communicate with someone - at least not due to a lack of a shared language.  I thrive as a stranger in a strange land.  I have excellent people and communication skills.  In short, I am a well-seasoned traveler, adventurer, explorer.  I enjoy excellent physical and emotional health.

The New Millennium Ride will be a certain success with endorsements - financial backing and material support - from individuals and companies like you.  Please do not hesitate to ask for the complete Proposal for Sponsorship for the New Millennium Ride.

Depending on the level of corporate commitment, sponsors can expect to benefit in various ways:

  1. Displays of logos on equipment, clothing, print material, homepage banners, press releases, and at functions (slide shows,talks and meetings).
  2. Photographs taken along the way: public relations and/or advertising.
  3. Homepage exposure and website connections.
  4. Ride bulletins in corporate publications, magazines.
  5. Direct and indirect promotion in stories told along the way.
  6. Post ride sessions to assist sponsor with research and development and the creation of marketing materials.
Thank you for your interest and for supporting the New Millennium Ride.  I look forward to working together with you and furthering our discussions on the details of this trip and how you will be involved.

Everett B. Briggs


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