Istituto Tecnico Nautico
"Gioeni - Trabia"
Piazza Cavallo Marino
(Via Vittorio Emanuele)
Palermo, Sicily  90100

Tel:  (091) 58.63.29


NMR Presentation:
23 March 2000
  • Assembly of 50 senior boys (1 hour 50 minutes)



    School Information:

  • 80 Teachers
  • 8 English Teachers
  • 700+ students,  aged 13-24 years.  All but 10 of the students are boys and young men. 
  • Principal:
    Prof. Vicenzo Augugliaro
    Tel:  (091) 58.50.89
    Fax:  (091) 33.44.52

    Contact Teachers:
    Sebastiana Notarbartolo
    Claudia Ciriminna
    (091) 34.79.53

    Istituto Tecnico Nautico was founded in 1789 by two mariner educators, Gioeni  and  Trabia.  They wanted Sicily to have a boarding school to prepare the sons of mariners for their fathers’ profession.  Students take courses in nautical sciences and technology  that prepare them for careers in maritime industries.  There are three tracks that students can choose from: officer course, achinist/engineer, marine architecture.  Courses are generally taught by two teachers.  One covers the practical material, the other addresses theory.  English is the only foreign language taught.  There are 33 classes for the 5 grades. 

    The students have an intramural athletic program that includes volleyball, rowing,  and swimming (in a local public pool).

    Following graduation from the Institute, students either seek employment on ships, to continue their education with on the job training, or they go on to universities or trade schools.  Those interested in following the course goals of the Institute are prepared to pursue higher education in the following careers: meteorology; marine research and ceanography; marine safety (including search and rescue); sustainable, non-polluting marine resource management; energy production; coast guard and harbor service; marine traffic control; mechanical engineering; ship building; and border control and maintenance.

    A special thanks to both Sebastiana Notarbartolo and Claudia Ciriminna for your spontaneous welcome and very active participation in the NMR presentation.  Thank you Giuseppe Agnello, 5th year “Captains Course” student, for your interest in telling me about the school’s history and present day life of a student at Istituto Tecnico Nautico “Gioeni – Trabia.”   Finally, much thanks to Vitorrio Raimondi, who arranged for NMR to visit the Institute.

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