My Thanks to the Following:

Everett on the Beartooth Pass
Hollie Lamberth, your love and steadfast friendship have never faltered. You are my guiding star. When I feel lost, I look up and there you are. Thank you.
Steve Miles, I owe you a special debt of gratitude for your friendship and constant enthusiastic support. You have worked long selfless hours on the New Millennium Ride Web site. You will ever be an inspiration with your ideas, perspective, and trusted counsel. Others may join the NMR; you, however, will be there from beginning to end... and beyond. Thank you.
Cynthia Robinson, you have been a trusted friend since we served in the Peace Corps together in Thailand. Thank you for your solid friendship. Your ability to ask the right question has helped me articulate my goals and objectives. I know you are there, liking the ideas and wanting NMR to succeed. Thank you.
Sloan Wilson, globetrotter, man of energy, intrepid explorer, thanks first for seeing an opportunity to participate in the NMR and then acting on that opportunity by networking on my behalf.  You sure know a lot of people in the most exotic of places (I do believe you are on of those to whom the world is connected by a mere 5 degrees of separation!).  Thanks for wanting to be a part of this adventure, for your help in bringing people together.
Robertson Ward, FAIA, man of letters, enthusiastic supporter from the start, thank you for never doubting that the New Millennium Ride would be successful.  You even inspired the mission with the suggestion that I include Kyzyl on my route.  More than anyone else, you have made me feel I am living out - at least in part - your own dream.  Thank you for supporting my dream.
Jonathan Holder, we have been friends for 23 years. When the bicycle that carried me across North America, to the top of the Swiss Alps and down the Rhine River Valley, around New Zealand - my steed for 10 years - was stolen just months before the start of the New Millennium Ride, you lent me your bike so that I could continue to ride while waiting for the NMR bicycle to be built.  You have graciously helped me address and prepare for the medical component of NMR. Thank you.
Alberto Desantis, from the time that I started to move NMR from concept to reality, you have been there. I will never forget your personal interest in and dedication to seeing NMR happen. You searched for sponsors and found me equipment. You even offered me your bike. Your spirit of determination has become part of NMR. Thank you.
Alexander Soast, you gave NMR its first media break. Memories of preparing for NMR will be spiced by the sounds of zydeco waking Philadelphia on your radio show. They are fine memories. Thank you.
Stacey & Nick Stacy Spilkevitz and Nicholas C. Ashbaugh, you created the premier, pre-eminent video, The New Millennium Ride. No matter who follows your effort, the time we spent together on your production will always hold special memories. Can we create an after-ride video to wrap up NMR when it is done? Thank you for the long hours and dedication to excellence you put into the creation of the video. Thank you for your patience and wonderful sense of humor. You understand the fun factor. Thank you.
Jan and Mike Riley for your hospitality when Fran and I were attending the Bike Expo in Philadelphia. My connection with your family goes back twenty years. Your fervent support has carried me through many adventures. I know you will be there, cheering vigorously, when NMR reaches Lisbon. Thank you.
Paul Buckley, as the first respondent from a school in the Peoples Republic of China, you were very helpful in defining NMR's travel itinerary and plans for the ride through China. Beijing BISS School's hospitality remains unrivalled.  I left Beijing pumped and ready for the surprises ahead.  Thank you for being part of the New Millennium Ride.
To the following individuals I give my heartfelt thanks. Without your sponsorship gifts, advice, technical support and enthusiasm NMR might not have been:  Philip Novotny and Scott Inman and Roger Malinowski,Jim Wannamaker, Jeffrey R. Scully, John Neugent, Dave Alden, Josh Harrod, Cris Moglia and Diana Tepe, Lance Donnell, Ray Lablanc, Mel Bearns and Tim Schurr, Fran Castano, Jeannie Wall, Caroline 'Carly' Warren and Christian T. Avard, Pierre Vermette, Peter Windsor, Virginia Boudras, Ruth Gastell, Scott Weir, Clint Paige and Jason Suderman and Andrew Fullerton.
Betty and Dick Hyde, it is hard to believe that we met 20 years ago in the wilds of Maine when I was just starting out as an aspiring teacher in a rural high school.  Where has the time gone?  It has been gobbled up in explorations and adventures that have taken me all over the world.  You always have been enthusiastic supporters.  Thank you for two very generous gifts - they have helped to make the New Millennium Ride dream a reality.  Thank you.  Thank you.
2 Meter Peter (Cruickshank), Eddy (Pareira), Hicham (aka, The Terrorist), Micha (Cader) - you guys rock!  Little did we know what kind of dynamic lifelong friendships the Seoul Asylum (ultimate in Korea - for those who do not know) would foster.  Thank you for your wonderful surprise visit at the 1999 NMR Send-off Party.  Your trip to Boston was an odyssey unto its own!  Thanks for being part of this adventure.  You know that wherever I go I carry fond memories of exotic adventures shared with you.  I love ya guys.
Bob and Lana Spillman, we met in the summer of 1988.  I was on my first long bike trip - crossing North America from Quoddy Head, ME to Cape Flattery, WA.  You invited me to stop at your lakeside camp in Montana.  You fed me huckleberry pie and we have been friends ever since!  Thank you for your surprise contribution to the New Millennium Ride.  It is wonderful to have you join the team.  Your generous gift has provided opportunities to escape from the rigors of the road and enjoy some "civilized" comfort. Thanks also for the many hours of patience and computer skills instruction.  Your guidance has enabled me to go so much farther!  Thank you.
Kang Yob Hong, I will never forget the evenings spent in your home working with Won Ki and his friends.  I will never forget the many gestures of friendship you showed me during the years I lived in Seoul.  I will never forget the happy welcome that always greeted me at your door nor the good wishes you and your family always shared when I departed - off to another class or on a vacation.  I will never forget your generous gift "to be spent on a bottle of champagne when you reach Lisbon."  Thank you friend.
Mom and Dad, thanks for facilitating my return to the US from Riga.  Not only did you save me a big expense, you also made it possible for me to focus my energies on the road and live in the moment right up to my last moment "out there."  Thank you.
Haja, you are love, enthusiasm, vitality, a champion of patience, tolerance and peace.  Knowing that I am endowed with some of your genes gives me hope that I might be a fraction the person you are.  Thank you for your gentle guidance on the way.  You have shown me that everyone has his own lane of light and that it is right to follow the light that leads.  Each person's lane of light leads to the eternal light and life.  Thank you for keeping the faith and for being my role model on the practice of faith.  Thank you.
Finally, and most importantly, thank you Phoebe Bruck for your unconditional friendship, generous love and caring devotion. None of this would have been possible without you and Fred. Thank you
New Millennium Ride is brought to you by Everett B. Briggs.
446 Judd Street  Fairfield, CT 06430 USA  (203) 336-1515

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