Gimnazija Vic
Trzaska 72
1000 Ljubljana

Tel.: (386) (61) 265-993
Fax: (386) (61) 123-12-40


NMR Presentation:
12 April 2000
  • 3rd and 4th year students



    School Information:

  • Students:  830 (ages 15-19)
  • 200 graduate each year
  • Approx. 10 graduates go to universities in other countries in Europe, 5 go to the United States
  • Each year as many as 5 students might be studying in the United States
  • There are 4 English teachers
  • Other languages available: German, French, Italian
  • Each student also gets 4 years of Slovenian – language and literature 
  • School Contacts:
    Alenka Mozer

    Blanka Klobucar

    Gimnazija Vic is a four-year high school for university bound students.  Founded in 1939, the gimnazija (pr. “gim-naz-i-ya”) has wandered from the traditional path of most of Europe´s university preparatory schools.  Typically, university admission is so competitive that schools tend to teach to the tests.  Gimnazija Vic prides itself on its innovative curriculum which is constantly evolving to provide its students with ample opportunity to experience and participate in learning by doing, practical applied lessons in the tradition of “open schools.”  The school works closely with local companies and organizations.  Studnts have the benefit of guest speakers from various industries; they also are expected to get involved in internships with any number of different companies. 

    Internships range from getting involved in testing of pharmacuticals for a Slovenian company which is trying to produce its own version of an expensive drug currently being produced by a foreign drug giant to researching material options for the contruction of different types of bicycles.

    The open school concept at the gimnazija is further defined by the triad relationship involving teachers, students and parents.  The parents of students who attend the gimnazija are expected to participate in their children´s education, not just monitoring activities at home but by actually contributing to the learning process through in-school interactions, regular visits to classes and parent-student-teacher meetings.

    Gimnazija Vic extends the open school idea to encompass the European Union and, by extension, the entire global community.  Realizing the current thrust of excellerating technology and information dissemination industries, the gimnazija is working on giving its students state-of-the-art training in computer science.  Teachers and students work together in developing the school´s Web site.  The gimnazija is also a member of a consortium of six schools in six countries (England, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France, and Slovenia).  These schools are involved in a multi-media exchange of information – together they are developing Web sites, exploring the art and technology of Web design, sharing information about their schools and respective countries, discussing ideas and tearing down stereotypes.  Students from the six schools recently developed multi-media reports on the ways leisure time is used.  The study revealed how today´s youth uses its free time; but, it also explored how their parents and grandparents used their leisure time.  From Ireland to Slovenia there were some interesting similarities and differences noted.

    Students from the school´s TV program interviewed me – they are expected to produce a program on the NMR´s visit in Slovenia for the entire student body.

    NMR wishes to thank Blanka Klobucar for her enthusiastic welcome and for mobilizing the forces which set the stage for a very successful visit.  Thank you Alenka Mozer for taking the time to share information about your school with me.  It is clear you are very proud of the work and accomplishments of the students at the gimnazija.  Thanks to the staff in the IT department for letting me use your computers and for giving me access to the Internet.  A special thanks to my two friends, Polona Lupaucic and Tea Urankar for your friendly and extremely cordial welcome when I first arrived – thank you also for waching my steed while I was busy with other students and teachers.  Finally, I cannot thank Grega Zrilic, 4th year student, enough for kindly volunteering to host my stay in Ljudljana.  I will never forget the wonderful hospitality provided by you and your family.

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