Ukmerges Antano Smetonos Vidurine Mokykla (Secondary School)

Smetonos vidurine mokykla, J.
Basanaviciaus g. 7, Ukmerge

Tel: 8-340 60018


NMR Presentations:
9 &10 May 2000 

School Information:
352 students
47 teachers
17 forms (Students follow one of two tracks):

  • Humanities

  •  - Modern Languages
     - Social Sciences
  • Sciences

  •  - Mathematics and Physics
     - Chemistry and Biology

    School Contacts:
    Liucija Dzigiene

    Elvyra Kriauciuniene
    Adolfas Girdziuna

    Ukmerges Antano Smetonos Vidurine Mokykla was founded as a gymnasium by the lawyer V. Dirmantas in 1918. The first school building was the one in which there is a boarding school at present. The first headmaster of the school was J. Baronas. In 1938  parents appealed to  President A. Smetona and asked him to expand the school.  The architect F. Bielinskis designed the new building.  From 1938 – 1940 the school was named after A. Smetona.  Throughout the next five decades, according to the political situation in the country, the name of the school changed several times. Before the Second World War it was named after J. Biliunas. From 1940 till 1949 the school was called the 1st gymnasium. When the war was over, in 1949, there were two gymnasiums in the same building: one for boys and another for girls. From 1954 until 1969 the school was called Secondary School No 2.  In 1969 it was named after A. Gudaitis– Guzevicius.  In 1988 it became Secondary School  No. 2  again.  On the 13th of November, 1991,  the Manager of Ukmerge District issued the order to  name the school after Antano Smetona again.

    The majority of the secondary school buildings in Lithuania are of the typical designs, but Ukmerges Antano Smetonos Vidurine Mokykla was built according to an individual project in 1938. The president Antanas Smetona took care of it himself. That’s why the school is named after him.

    The school was damaged during two occupations – Soviet and Nazi, but some architectural and sculptural elements still remain inside:  the original floor,  a little fountain inside.

    School Location - Ukmerge, Lithuania
    The town of Ukmerge is situated about 70 km to the north of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The town of Ukmerge is situated at the confluence of the two rivers: the Sventoji and the Vilkmergele, a small river. A castle once stood on the hill where the two rivers meet.  The river Sventoji divides Ukmerge into two parts. The original name of the town was Vilkmerge. The origin of the name is vilkas [wolf] + merga [maiden].  The town legend tells of a maiden that was kidnapped by a wolf.   The foundation of the town dates back to 1225,  it is considered to be older than Vilnius, the capital.The surroundings of Ukmerge are famous for historic events, mostly battles. The most famous of them is that of Pabaiskas, where the troops of Livonia [the order of Glave-porters] were beaten. 

    School Life is Based on the Following Principles:
    1. The greatest wealth of the school is honest, initiative, creative students who have a great desire for knowledge.
    2. A lesson is “not inviolable”.
    3. Freedom and responsibility are inseparable.
    4. Student-teacher relationships are founded on benevolence, kindness and tolerance.
    5. A member of the community is valued according to his/her merits, progress.
    6. A wish to change and being changed.
    7. Striving for democracy and dialogue.
    8. A teacher doesn’t teach by his/her words but by his/her nature, good deeds.
    9. Observance of the school regulations and the rules of internal order.
    10. Every game has rules; even though some may not like them, all must observe them.
    11. All of us are school patriots.
    School Activity - Student Values and Interests
    For several years art teaching has been one of the priorities of the school.  Aesthetic values have naturally became a part of our school life.  A considerable number of our students are interested in painting,  graphic design, and clothes modelling. Some of them are able to make rather good pieces of art.  The school is ornamented with the art works of our students.  We take part in home and international art competitions.

    Students especially like extracurricular activities including: theater performances,  talent  shows, popularity contests (voting for  the “coolest” student, etc.),  quizzes, and school festivals.

    We propagate the healthy life– style, organising camps, special events,  lessons, doing sport and sports competitions - we make the first steps in prevention of harmful habits.

    One of the newest trends in our extracurricular activity and also in the integration schooling process in general is ethnic culture and mythology. We realise it through lectures, exhibitions, expeditions, our students’ individual interests and their own efforts.

    Students at Ukmerges Antano Smetonos Vidurine Mokykla are very interested in communicating with other schools in Lithuania and abroad.  We want to do common projects cooperating with other schools.
     Text by  Senior Edgaras Ivanovas:

    PCV Madeleine von Laue

    Thank you students, teachers and friends at Ukmerges Antano Smetonos Vidurine Mokykla.  Your serious questions and interest left me inspired.  It is clear a new era is dawning in Lithuania.   Your  vision for a bright future takes into account forces and trends, events - both past and current within the borders of your country and throughout the world.  I wish you great success as you reach out and connect with others throughout the world.  May the bridges you build be built with bricks of enduring friendship, held together with a mortar of peace that will last throughout the new millennium.

    Thank you Edgaras Ivanovas for taking the time to send me a copy of the school brochure you created.  Your English teachers should be very proud of the work you have done.

    To PCV Madeleine von Laue, special thanks for your hospitality and for introducing NMR to the good people of Ukmerge.

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