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Seoul: March 25

Everett Briggs arrived safely in Seoul, South Korea, on March 20, 1999 to begin the New Millennium Ride.  The bicycle and expedition gear, too, arrived undamaged and as scheduled. A hearty thank you to Northwest Cargo for making the shipping so smooth and easy!

The first New Millennium Ride school presentations were given on Friday March 26th in Pundang, South Korea at Tae Jin High School and Seo-Hyun High School. The bike, of course, was a big hit and the students were energized and excited by both the expedition and Everett's use of the Internet. At Tae Jin High School, Everett spoke to the senior boys class and the senior girls class - each class with approximately 50 students. A large assembly of over 700 students gathered to hear his presentation at Seo-Hyun High School. Connecting with students and giving them the opportunity to connect with others via our Web site is the heart and soul of the Ride.

Everett departs from Inchon, South Korea, via ferry and arrives in Qingdao, China, on Thursday April 1st. Several school programs are planned in Anyang, Henan and Xi'an, Shaanxi en route to Beijing.

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