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17 September 1999

Hi, Everett, wherever you are! 
Here I am, Nick from Kazan, and I glad all over to get a message from you.  Our unexpected meeting was too short and I was upset that there's no time to talk about all that might be interesting for us both - for example - 30th anniversary of Woodstock, generation of Easy Rider, Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, modern philosophy, life in 21th century, enviromental problems, etc.
To take a ride like you did - it demand a strong will, brave spirit, courage and I wish I knew  - ...how does it feel - to be all on your own - like a complete unknown - like a Rolling Stone...
I hope you'll met on your way only kind, pleasant faces and you'll got many new friends in Russia and further more, until get back home.  So I wish you good luck and one million miles run without repair for your bicycle.

Nick ("Lint") 
P.S. Please, excuse me for my dreadful English.

1 October 1999

Hi Everett!
Thank you for a big letter from Moscow. We are glad, that nothing prevents your travelling to New Millennium. Future approaches together with your advancement forward. Lev Tolstoy (Russia philosof  and writer) said, that there is no future, because we make it by ourselves.

You have wonderful idea about students of  Kazan Banking School wrote their impressions of meeting with you. I think that this small paragraphs will be write on your E-mail soon. Ludmila liked this idea too. (Have you been to Kitaigorodskaya’s School in Moscow? Write us, please.)

Everett, I’m very glad that I found an adherent in your “face”. Your ideas about perspective development of education system are very like with my ones. However, I have very little information about it in Russia.

My conception bases on the idea of open education, education on distance etc.

Education of new millennium  is no getting of science knowledge and it is development of a person in opened society.  May be you have any information about teleconference or internet sides about of philosophy education. I’m ready to take a part in a new contact about it.

Anastasia began  translating the digest of my dissertation.

After October we will have an opportunity to get and send E-mail faster. And speed of our contact will be faster. I hope for it.

Students and teachers of the Banking School remember to you. And also from our family. Stanislav began to learn English. He goes to private teacher.

Thank you for keeping your feelings and remember our meeting and us. Wait for a new letter with information about your trip and impressions.

Good luck! 
Alexander and Anastasia (Petrov).

13 January 2000

Hi Everett!
Thank you for New Year's congratulations.
We offen remember our lucky meeting.  Congratulate you with the lastest year of the second millenium.
And we wish you sucsesfully contineuing Third Millenium Ride,
happiness of all.

Alexander, Anastasia, Farid and your friends from Kazan

21 January 2000

Hi, Everett !  We are very glad to talk to you by means of Internet. We enjoyed our discussion and had a lot of wonderful impressions. It is a pity that we cannot meet together. But we hope that you will visit us once again. To our mind you had a very good idea to communicate and study our students' mistakes. So, we and they will have a good practice in English.

Do  you know anything about interactive methods of teaching Enlish?  Would you write us about them?  Do you know the address of this information?  Send it please!  We want to use them during our classes and after ones.

Also we send you our students' letters.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.Yours ever, 
Teachers of English from the Kazan Banking School - Khakhina Loudmila (Mila), Khakhina Alla and our students.

21 January 2000

Hi Everett!
How life?  I think everything is ok.  It is very interesting to know where are you now!?  Here in the Kazan Banking School all is bould. Now we turned back after holidays and began to study. Oh…It is so difficult. 
What about your New Year? How did you spend it? 
My New Year was SUPER!!! 
Everett do you know that we didn’t forget you. We often remember our meeting, connecting. What about letters, students were very busy, because they had examinations. But now they’re quite free. So wait letters soon. 
Please write your impressions about your travelling, places you have seen. It’s rely very interesting for me and for us. 
  My examinations was OK but it can be better. Now I go to the dance studio, I have to go there every day (SO DIFFICULT) because I’m new person there, But I  have a very good teacher, with the best character and name in the world.  Her name is Eva.  So rarely. 
Do you remember my brother Stanislav? He studies English. And very happy. He says: “I’m studying English now I can speak foreign language, so write Everett about it  immediately.’’ So funny to listen how he sings a songs on English. Yesterday he writes “Everett, I learn English. Good Bye.’’ 
Now I haven’t  got  free time, always busy with learning English and dancing.  Come home at 8:30 p.m. every day, have supper, do my homework and go to bed.  Every day like this.  But I feel myself grown up organized and independence. To my mind it’s very useful. 

21 January2000

Hello dear Everett Briggs .How are you.? This letter is writing from Kazan, from Banking School . Do you remember Banking School? My name is Borisova Ann. I am a first year student. It is very difficult to study in a Banking School. But I try to be a good student.
And now I want to tell you a few words about my self and my family.  I live in Kazan all my life. Kazan is very beautiful and very old  city. And I live in a very old street. And my house is very old, big, and beautifull.  In this house live my family. It is very big too. My mother, father, sister, grandmother and I. My mother is 45 years old. She is beautifull woman, she is working in the Central Bank. My father is a bisnessman. He is 50 years old.  My little sister studies in a school, which number is 116.  She is very pretty and she is 10 years old.  My grandmother is very, very old.  She is 72 years old.  She is a housewife. That is my family. Of course there are many older sisters and brothers. There are some words about my family.
I think, Mr Everett, that you will visit our city again.
Borisova Ann,
Group 201.

21 January 2000

I remember you and everything you told us about life and attitude towards people whom you have met, travelling in different countries. So I decided to become a member of ''internet'' club. I want to communicate with the people whom I don't know. May be you can help me? I want to know how the other people live and what do they think about our young generation, about our problems and our future. I wish to be well educated, to travel to other countries, to meet different people, to learn about their customs and traditions and their way of life. That is why my dream is to know English better.


21 January 2000

Hello, dear Mr. Everett!
With great regards writing you a girl from Kazan. My name is Diliara. I’m 15. I was born in Kazan. It is very beautiful city. There is a lot of place of interest. Some of them you can see by yourself. I hope you like them.
I am a first year student of Kazan Banking School. We were very happy to see you in our school. It was very interesting to hear your story. But it is so pity, we have not a lot of time to know more about you and your travelling and I hope to see you again.
I want congratulated you with Happy New Year and Marry Christmas! I wish you good luck and happiness in all you innovations.

With hope to see you again, Diliara. 

21 January 2000

Hello, dear Mr Everett Brigs!
How are you? I think that's all is o'k. The letter is writing to you the student of Kazan Banking school-Guilyazova Goulnara. I am 15 years old. I am a first year student. Kazan is my native town, and the place where I was born. Kazan is very beautiful city. I live with my family, that is my mother, father, brother and me.  My mother is a housewife.  She is 40 years old. My father is 40 years old too.  My brother is a schoolboy.  He is 16 years old, and he is liking a basketball.
Your visit was so pleasure for me.  It was very interesting to speak with you un translator.  It's so fine to travel in different countries.  Also, I like to travel too.  I visited countries such us Hungary, Bulgaria, England, Svensk, Finland.  I hope that in this year I will go to anybody country.
Also, please, decide my congratulations with Happy New Year and with Merry Christmas.  I want to wish you good luck in your work and in your life.  I think that all boys and girls, and I am too, want to see you again, to speak with you un translator.

With best wishes, Goulnara.

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