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"Cities on the NMR Route"
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Game Directions  
Try to save Bones from his death penalty by guessing the letters in the secret word. Each time you guess a wrong letter, Bones moves a little closer to death! All the secret words are the names of cities the New Millennium Ride has visited or will visit.  Click on the letter you think might be in the secret word.  If you get the word before Bones hangs you win... otherwise you and Bones lose.  There are 50 cities listed - how many do you know?  The gallows waits below.  Can you beat the executioner? Good luck.
Beware: Do not click on the spaces marked "City to guess" or "Letters guessed so far."  I am still working on a glitch - if you do so the game will not continue... aaaahhhrrggg!  The game works fine as long as you only click on the letters you think are in the hidden word!
The Hangman's Gallows
Can you save Bones?

City to guess (Do not click here)
Letters guessed so far (Do not click here)
 Enter your next guess.
Hangman kindness of Steve Miles and  tecmaniac.com

And here is another game.  How good a student of geography are you?
CLICK HERE to test your skills.


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