Home page "Walrus is a relative latecomer to the NMR team.  My tent of 20+ years (some day I'll write an appropriate eulogy) finally gave up the ghost in 1999.  I had hoped it would make it to the New Millennium.  It didn't.  Walrus has kindly provided a new generation Terramoto tent which should do better than serve us well throughout the second phase of the new millennium Ride.  Thank you."
You can find Walrus Gear online at: http://www.walrusgear.com
You can find Walrus on your bike at:  Edgeworks, Inc.*
8300 Military Rd. South
Seattle, WA 98108
Phone: 800-550-8368
Fax: 206-763-4689

*    Edgeworks is the only company in the outdoor industry with a comprehensive assortment of outdoor structures capable of accommodating any user's adventure. Whether you need a Moss tent capable of withstanding the harshest weather, the lightweight beauty of a Walrus tent, or the spacious qualities of an Armadillo tent, Edgeworks has an outdoor structure for you.

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