Home page "Those of us who travel, who like to visit and explore remote regions of the world - whether we brave the elements directly or stay home and watch as others go - all need good maps and charts.  NMR is grateful to Tom Van Sant and The Geosphere Project for their donations of maps and software.  The Geosphere Project has done the hard work.  NMR need only follow the paths over and around the obstacles depicted on the maps.  NMR also thanks Geosphere for contributions of materials which greatly enhance the NMR school presentations.  After a long search for the best, NMR is proud to be using the finest maps available.  Thank you."

You can find Geosphere online at: http://www.geosphere.net
You can find Geosphere on your bike at: 
146 Entrada Drive, 
Santa Monica, California 90402, U.S.A.
Phone:  (310) 459-4342
(800) 845-1522
E-mail:   geosphere@aol.com

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