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Students Respond to Everett Briggs and the New Millennium Ride

PARK Min Joo 
He has such an interesting job and he gave us a lot of good instructions about  life. Yesterday was quite a  great time. 

Raina G9  
I think what he is going to do is amazing.  And I think what he's trying to do  to connect many students together from different countries is a great idea.  It helps the students from many countries communicate.  That will also be a great experience for him , too.  

Ophelia CHAN - G8  
Though he didn’t really say much about his trip or anything about cycling, what he said was kind of educational.  He talked like a teacher much more than a visitor of this school.  Kind of weird, but interesting speech.  I feel kind of sorry that I cannot go on the cycling trip with Mr. Briggs.  I miss the chance to be part of the New Millenium Ride, but still wish him all the best on his trip.  Bless him

Timo - G7  
Mr. Everett told us about going through the borders and when he got stuck at the borders.   He told us about a lot of interesting things.  He likes to travel a lot because he likes to taste interesting foods.  Once he went down hill on his bike at about 110 km/h.  Then he described how he went through all the passport checks on the bus with a driver's license.  What he does is very interesting.  

Poonman - G9  
Everyone has a different way of thinking.  If we all take some time and understand others, it might help us get a broader point of view.  Mr. Everett Briggs is a very active man and he has such good qualities in him that let him go around the world biking without worrying what might happen to him.  He likes challenges and he make me think life is worth living if you take all challenges that come your way.  This way we can understand life better.  

Yesterday Mr. Evertt Briggs talked to us about perspective.  He shared very broad ideas. It was excellent the way he explained what he was going to talk about.  I realized that there is more to people than just their appearance.  It is very meaningful to put ourselves into other people's shoes and to look at things through other people's views.  That is very wise advice because it explains why people act the way they do.  I enjoyed myself very much and I appreciate what he taught us.  Thank you very much!  

Chong Hwa  
It was so fun and amazing.  I can’t believe that story, but it was true!   I think he is great person in this world.  

Laur - G7 
Nice speech!  Now I know how people around the world think.  People around the world see the same thing, but in different views.  

I really enjoyed the talk yesterday and one thing that I took in the most was that you should take in the scenery and in all ways respect the villages that you might see.  

No name 1 
It was very interesting.  I’ve had similar thoughts about travelling to new places.  His talk was very inspiring to me.  I agree with almost all the things he said.  His talk and the ideas he  shared help me have a different view about things in life.  

No name 2  
I was moved.  I was interested in the New Millennium Ride and his idea  that what you do is what you believe.  It made me run for 2 miles yesterday and convinced me that I should continue my biking practices.  

No name 3  
I think that when he talks about “putting yourself” in someone else's shoes, it is VERY important.  

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