Pedagogical Gymnasium
English Magnet School
30 Gougel Street
Nizhni Novgorod 603139

Tel:  7-8312-26-52-21


NMR Presentation:
September 14, 1999
  • Presentation to 60 high school students (1.5 hours).
  • Visited the following classes: English, music, dance, 2 computer classes, women's issues, German, UNESCO Center, Russian Culture



    School Information:
    Please visit the school's excellent Web site (address above).

  • 851 Students (aged 6-17)
  • 86 Teachers (6 English,  4 French,  3 German)
  • 2 computer labs:  22 computers (one connected to the Internet)

  • Pedagogical Gymnasium is an UNESCO School
    Ms Ludmila Kozhevnikova
    Ms Tatiana Lazareva

    EBB and his Pedagogical Gymnasium Bodyguards (Artem Tyletchkin, Security Chief)
    The Pedagogical Gymnasium of Nizhni Novgorod is a very unique school.  It might well serve as a model for schools throughout Russia and the world.  Without exception, all the students and teachers I met during my day-long visit to the Pedagogical Gymnasium seemed genuinely happy to be at the school.

    Russian Culture Class

    Women's Issues Class
    The Pedagogical Gymnasiuml is the among the most tidy schools I have visited.  Clean and vibrant: the floors sparkle, halls and classrooms are filled with living plants, every class has a large 3X4 meter rug covering the center of the floor, the furniture (desks, bookshelves, tables, chairs, etc.) is all in good repair, the walls are clean - painted in vibrant colors, decorated with interesting posters and prints, paintings and student works.  There are 9 recreation rooms where students and teachers can congregate to chat or individuals can simply relax to read.  The recreation rooms all have pianos - several of the classrooms do too.  A bright, healthy atmosphere prevails.  Students at the Pedagogical Gymnasium seem proud of their school.  Every class decides on its own uniform each year.

    The teachers and students share the experience of learning through exploration, asking challenging questions and seeking new answers.  An example of the innovative learning-by-doing philosophy of the school was offered by students in an upperclass economics course.  They founded a company, "Global."  They bought T-shirts, printed the Russian double-headed eagle on the front and exported the shirts for sale in the US.  The project has helped to finance a recent trip by 10 of them to visit the gymnasium's sister school in Danville, IN, USA.

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