Luoyang Foreign Language School
5 Xingshu Road, Xigong District
Luoyang, Henan 471000
People's Republic of China

Tel:    86-379-393-7197


Mr. Anren Ding

Mr. Jigang Guan
Foreign Office Information

NMR Presentation:
April 13-14, 1999

  • Met with English teachers from Luoyang Foreign Language School and local teachers college.

  • School Information:
    The Foreign Language School of Luoyang is located in the central part of Luoyang, between Xingshu Rd. and Jiudu Rd. It is part of a system of government foreign language schools, numbering over 20. The school is comprehensive, offering instruction from the primary through the secondary levels.

    Formerly known as Number 13 Middle School, the Foreign Language School was founded in 1989. The goals for establishing this school include the following: to prepare students for a solid basic knowledge of at least one foreign language to go to universities of science and technology or humanities; to prepare students to go to foreign language universities; to provide the community with qualified graduates who has a foreign language skill.

     The School Entrance

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    About 1,400 students attend the primary school and 1,600 students are enrolled at the junior high and high school levels. There are 18 junior high school classes (six per grade), and 14high school classes. 

    By name, this is a foreign language school. The subjects being taught, however, are not just foreign languages. They are nearly the same as other public schools. In addition to foreign languages, the Foreign Language School also offers Chinese, algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, Chinese history, world history, geography (Chinese and world), biology, civics education, physical education, art and music. An advantage for students at the Foreign Language School is that they have more options in choosing a foreign language when they enter the school in seventh grade. They continue the study of their selected language through high school years. When students enter tenth grade, they are given the opportunity to select an additional language. The Foreign Language School of Luoyang provides instruction in the following foreign languages: English, Japanese, and Russian. English is by far the largest program, comprising more than thirty teachers. Japanese teachers number around seven. There are no more than two Russian teachers.

    The Foreign Language School has a sister school in Okayama, Japan. Student exchanges have already occurred between these two schools. A city relationship also exists between Luoyang and Sukangawa, Japan. There is currently a Japanese teacher from the FLS in Sukangawa teaching Chinese. The Foreign Language School has been receiving foreign teachers since 1993. Each year, one teacher from Japan and two from English-speaking countries provide instruction focusing on oral skills. From 1993 until 1998, the English-speaking teachers came from the United Kingdom. The 1998-99 academic year saw the first American on campus with the placement of an ACLS (American Council of Learned Societies) teacher. ACLS placed another American teacher at the FLS in the 1999-2000 school year and plans to do a third placement in 2000-01. With the placement of native teachers of English at the Foreign Language School, Chinese teachers of English are finding more opportunities to increase their own skills in English. Not only are they able to interact with native speakers on a social basis, but also they receive new ideas on methods in second language instruction. In addition, with the involvement of CEAIE (Chinese Education Association for International Exchange) and ACLS, teachers of the FLS have the opportunity to apply for participation in the U.S.-China Teachers Exchange Program. Since 1998, three Luoyang FLS teachers have spent an academic year teaching in American schools, specifically in La Crosse, Wisconsin, a sister city of Luoyang since late 1997. The 2000-01 school year will provide the same experience for two more Luoyang teachers.

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