The American School of Warsaw
Middle School
Biedronki 1A
02-946 Warszawa

Ul. Konstancinska 13
02-942 Warszawa

Tel.: (48 22) 651-61-09
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NMR Presentation:
28 April 2000 
  • Met with met with 6th, 7th, 8th and visiting 9th graders.

  • School Information:

  • The American School of Warsaw (ASW) was founded in 1953 to meet the needs of Americans and other foreigners, and Polish nationals who wanted a school based on the American system of education. 
  • The Middle School became a separate entity from the Elementary and Upper Schools in 1997 in order to better serve the unique needs of the early adolescent. 
  • The ASW Middle School has approximately 170 students (representing 42 nationalities), 25 professionals and 10 support staff.
  • Unique features of the ASW Middle School program include many special aspects of the daily program: curriculum, scheduled and extra-curricular activities, block scheduling, integrated courses, team teaching.
  • School Contacts:
    Dr. Carol Kluznik

    Ms. Karen Dunmire

    Ms Anna Gutowska

    Teacher Contacts:
    Rob Hoiseth

    James O’Sullivan

    Stephen Burry

    The fun factor (after school)
    School Mission
    Our mission is to address the needs of the total child.  We value working with different learning styles, creating opportunities to benefit from the multi-cultural setting; and focusing on individual needs and abilities.

    School Philosophy
    The AWS Middle School Philosophy, adopted 8 October 1998, is as follows:

    The Middle School of the American School of Warsaw provides a warm and caring environment that seeks to meet our young adolescents’ intellectual, physical, psychological, aesthetic, and social needs.
    To that end:

  • We teach to different learning styles in order to support and challenge our students.
  • We create opportunities to develop values in a multi-cultural setting.
  • We support self-expression through a wide variety of academic, aesthetic, artistic and technical resources.
  • We invite introspection, self-understanding, and acceptance of others. 
  • We encourage celebration and recognition of each student’s individuality.

  • The ASW Middle School is organized on the grade level team learning concept.  Teachers work with other teachers at their grade level to plan activities and coordinate the presentation of subject matter in order to create a holistic approach to the development of the adolescent mind and entire persona.  Students at each grade level are assigned an advisor who works to support the child’s overall growth throughout the school year.  The desired outcome is a sense of belonging and pro-active participation within the school and greater community.
     ASW, on all levels, has a very active Parent-Teacher Organization.  Parents and teachers meet regularly at organization-sponsored events which give parents and teachers frequent opportunities to share ideas, discuss concerns and developments as well as time to forge bonds that can only help in articulating goals, missions and the ever-evolving curriculum.

    NMR thanks everyone, yes everyone, at the American School of Warsaw Middle School for your friendly, enthusiastic welcome, through our days together, to your jovial farewell.

    Faculty/family party at Karen Dunmire's home


    ASW teachers take on the US Marine Guard
    in a game of softball.

    I will never forget the big guy with the boisterous “hey, are you the guy on the bike? – Awesome!” who greeted me when I first arrived at school.  Ron Hoiseth, thank you for taking such an interest in the New Millennium Ride and for insisting I hang around town for a few more days.  Thank you and Linda for letting me stay in your home and share in the fun events of the weekend: a field trip to Plock, a picnic (or two), a softball game, a tour of Old Town, and a game of ultimate!

    Jennifer Zimbrick, thank you for running interference for ASW and organizing the NMR visit to your school.

    James O’Sullivan, former PCV, thanks for facilitating the NMR visit and for giving me access to the school computers.  I am glad I had a chance to get to know you and your family,  to hear your stories and share many laughs throughout the weekend.

    Kudos, greetings and thanks to the following for your friendliness, interest and miscellaneous kindnesses: Jim Matter, Stephen Burry, Ed Veach, Tony and Sue Erni, Nicole Schmidt and Rick and Carolyn Nelson.

    A special thanks to Karen Dunmire.  It is clear you are running a happy ship and that teachers and students at AWS Middle School are enthusiastic partners in education – may your days of smooth sailing continue always. 

    Finally, thanks to the sixth graders who invited me to join in their pizza feast.  Your timing was perfect!!!

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