Kapylan Ylaaste
Makelankatu 93
00610 Helsinki

Tel.: 310-82063

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EBB with teachers in the Teachers' Room


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Sirpa Kopsa

Esa Tonteri
Industrial Arts 

Ms Sirkka Hamalainen
Tel.: 310-82067

Ms Kirsi Arino

Mr. Heikki Kauhanen

Mr. Jukka Talvitie

The Wonderful Teachers at Kapylan Ylaaste
NMR Presentation:  18 October 1999
  • A rendezvous with a bus load of students from Vyborg, Russia.
  • A luncheon meeting with teachers from both schools.
  • A tour of the school
  • A visit with an industrial arts class
  • Guest teacher in a biology/health class
  • An auditorium presentation for the upper school students (80 attendees, 1 hour)



    NMR arrived at Kapylan Ylaaste as a guest of  Ms Alice  Paschenko, from Vyborg Gymnasium, Vyborg, Russia. 

    Mr. Timo Hirvonen's Industrial Arts Class
    Kapylan Ylaaste was founded in Vyborg at the beginning of the 20th Century and moved to Helsinki when the Finnish people residing in Vyborg were expelled from the region following WWII.  In recent years, Vyborg Gymnasium and Kapylan Ylaaste have built a transnational bridge of friendship.  NMR's arrival in Helsinki coincidentally corresponded with a Vyborg Gymnasium student and teacher trip to Kapylan Ylaaste.  NMR is extremely grateful to everyone at Kapylan Ylaaste for their spontaneous and very warm welcome and wonderful hospitality.  (I do not suppose many [Americans] can say they have slept in a czar's bedroom.   I did!) 

    Today, Kapylan Ylaaste is an upper school with 280  students.  The school has developed an extensive program for mentally and socially challenged special needs children, of which there are 50.

    Thank you Ms Kopsa and Ms Hamalainen for including me in your program and plans of hospitality for your Vyborg Gymnasium visitors.  It was wonderful to be able to spend extra time with my friends from Vyborg and to visit with students from your school in the extra-curricular program at Meriharuun Leirikeskus.

    Thank you MessieursHirvonen and Tonteri for kindly offering to stable my "horse" in the industrial arts workshoop during my visits at your school.

    A special thanks to Ms Kirsi Arino for taking a pro-active interest in NMR.  I am grateful to you for letting me address your students and for  weaving NMR into your geography classes.

    I look forward to visiting Kapylan Ylaaste and seeing you all again in the Spring of 2000.

      Kapylan Klubi
    Across the street from Kapylan Ylaaste, on Vainolankatu, is the eclectic, friendly, comfortable young people's retreat, Kapylan Klubi.  Sari Nyman has created a safe haven for teens who might otherwise stray from the middle path and fall prey to sinister elements of modern society.  The klubi (cafe) has a lounge area (where I spent my last night in Finland) complete with magazines, books, a stereo system, TV and VCR.  There's a pool table and a art studio.  Sari maintains a kitchen where one can buy drinks, pastries, fruit, sandwiches, and desserts.  Kapylan Klubi is a great place for students to meet and socialize.  The atmoshere and warmth there makes it a great place for out of town visitors too.  Thank you Sari and Heikki for your extremely kind hospitality.

    EBB sips tea in front of Kapylan Klubi

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