Hinkson Christian Academy
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Moscow 131000

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School Information:
Founded 1991

Educational Philosophy
   "The educational philosophy of Hinkson Christian Academy (HCA) is based on the God-centered view of truth as revealed in the Bible, the Word of God.
   "Since God created and sustains all things through his Son, Jesus Christ, the universe and all life are dynamically related to God and have the purpose of glorifying Him.
   "This is pointedly true of people who were made in God’s image, different in kind from other creation, with the unique capacity to know and respond to God personally. 
   "Because people are sinners by nature and choice, they can know and honor God in their lives only by being born again through receiving Jesus Christ as Savior the Lord.
   "Thus they are enabled to glorify God by doing His will, which is the ultimate purpose of life.

Ms. Elspeth Liebenberg

NMR Presentation:
September 27, 1999

  • Presentation to high school student body and faculty - 1 hour.
  • Presentation to 5th grade (40 minutes)
  • Visited Russian class, Bible studies, 2nd grade, library/computer lab, Senior Club.

  • Russian Language Class
        "The entire process of education becomes, therefore, a means used by the Holy Spirit to bring students into fellowship with God, to develop a Christian mind in them and to train them in godly living, so that they can fulfill God’s total purpose for their lives personally and vocationally.
  • This process necessitates interaction between the student and teacher models, i.e., parents, professional teachers, pastors, etc.
  • The authority for such education comes both from God’s command that children be taught to love God and place Him first in their lives, and from the fact that parents are responsible for the total education and training of their children.  At the parents’ request, HCA becomes a partner in providing this education."
  • Purpose Statement
       "The Hinkson Christian Academy exists to serve missionary families and other Christian families by:

        1.  Providing an education which is consistent with the statement of faith set forth (above), based on a God-centered view of truth as revealed in the Bible;

        2.  Training students, in a Christian atmosphere that celebrates the Lordship of Christ, to serve God and their fellow-man;

    The Hickson School Building - 1999
        3.  Affording the opportunity for students to receive a high quality of English language elementary and secondary American education making it possible for them to meet the entrance requirements of colleges in the U.S."

       HCA is a young school that has demonstrated remarkable growth since it began as The New Life Christian School in Moscow in the fall of 1991.  Originally designed to meet the educational needs of local Campus Crusade for Christ families, the trustees and school community soon responded to the obvious need of a school that could be available to other mission organizations.  In the fall of 1993, the school changed its name to honor Bud Hinkson, who had been heavily involved in ministry throughout the Easter Bloc countries for two decades, HCA began the process of becoming an inter-mission school with several missions participating in recruitment, financial responsibilities, and sponsoring personnel.

        From its start in 1991 with nineteen children and three teachers in a classroom rented from a Russian school, HCA has expanded steadily:  Today HCA has 37 teachers and 170 students attending grades K –12.  In 1995 the school, with a split campus, was renting space in two Russian schools.  The next fall, HCA moved into a vacant school building.  Today, with the building and grounds “much improved”, HCA is gearing up for yet another move.  Next year HCA will relocate to a bigger school building, offering greater facilities and even more space. 

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