Diplomatic Academy of the Russian 
Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Park Kuturai Metro Station 
Ostozhenka 53/2 
Moscow, Russia 

Tel:  7-095-246-0533


Ms. Tamara Shatova 

NMR Presentation: 
September 24, 1999

  • Presentation to evening class of 22 students aged 16-37.  2.5 hours


    School Information: 
    Founded 1932 

    The Diplomatic Academy, founded to prepare Soviets for service aboad, was, until quite recently, a very secretive place.  Now it is open to the public with two different programs:  day classes and evening classes.

    EBB at Diplomatic Academy of the 
    Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
    September 1999

    The curriculum includes offerings of a plethora of foreign languages (from Armenian to Vietnamese), economics, politics, international law, social studies, ecology, philosophy, and physical education (swimming and tennis).  

    The Academy has Regional Chairs (e.g, China, US, Africa, Latin America, etc.) which track events and developments around the world and offer courses on the history, culture and politics of these regions.
    The Academy sponsors roundtable seminars.  These attract business professionals and diplomats from all over the world.  A recent seminar was titled, “Integration of Russia into the Twenty-first Century Democratic World.” 

    According to Tamara Shatova,“The Academy’s mission is to prepare Russians for the future.”


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