School 315
Magnet School for Math and Medicine
Experimental School of Russian
  Pedagogical Academy
10 Rusakovskaya Street
Sokolniky District
Mosocw  107140

Tel/Fax:  7-095-264-6445
Tel:  7-097-264-6945


Ms. Porntak Lyubova
Ms. Zoya Buvalstyeva
Ms. Nadia Platonova
Tel.: (007-95) 268-3586

School Information:
School Motto:  "Uchitsa...uchitsa...uchitsa"  Lenin.

Founded 1923

  • 676 Students (aged 6-17)
  • 65 Teachers
  • 2 buildings:

  •     Lower school, 250 students (aged 6-10)
        Upper school, 426 students (aged 11-17)
  • 2 computer labs:  20 computers (not connected to the Internet)
  • After school programs:

  •     -Theater (35 years old)
        -School museum
        -Sports:  basketball, table tennis

    NMR Presentation:
    September 23, 1999

  • Auditorium presentation to 80 high school students (1.5 hours).

  • Visited an English class, home economics, and the school museum which displays photos taken of the school throughout its 76 years.

    EBB with N. Platonova
    School 315 Entrance

    Nadia Platonova's English Class

    Lunch - "315 Borsch" - with
    Young Ladies Home Ec. Class

        Founded in 1923, on the site of a nineteenth century wooden school house that must have stood at the edge of a vast wood, School 315 is just another tall cement building in the vast urban sprawl of Moscow.  The school has no distinguishing school features, lacks a sign or plaque identifying it as a school, and does not exude the kind of energy one might expect from a school.  However, upon passing through the dismal outer doors and winding one’s way through a labyrinth of damp and musty corridors, one soon enters the excited atmosphere abuzz with the energy of students doing student things. 
        School 315 gave me a very warm welcome.  A senior boy greeted me in precise English and led me through the school to the top floor where I met Nadia Platonova, my hostess.  With my bike on my shoulder, we proceeded to the school auditorium where I met with about 80 high school students and 6 teachers.  Even though School 315 stresses a curriculum specializing in math and medicine, I found the students to be extremely capable and well-prepared to discuss a broad range of topics in English. 
        Following the NMR Presentation I was taken to lunch, a fantastic meal prepared by a team of seven 12-14 year old girls in their home economics class.  (I feel I am now an authority on borsch – the girls of School 315 made one of the best borsch soups I have had – the recipe follows.)
        The mission of School 315 is “to prepare students for advanced studies in institutes and universities.”  With 58 of 64 graduates from last year’s senior class now enrolled in institutes and universities, it appears that the faculty and staff at School 315 are on the right track.

    315 BORSCH
    "Borsch is a soup that must be made quickly. 
    It is not a stew and must not simmer on the stove for hours."

  • Slice carrots, beets, onions, tomatoes and quick fry in a little oil.
  • Slice potatoes and cabbage and place in pot of boiling water. 
  • Potatoes should be soft, but not falling apart. 
  • Cabbage should retain a bit of their crunch.
  •  Add other vegetables and spices, e.g., salt, pepper.
  • (I would add a pinch of sugar/honey, basil, thyme and 

  •     a tea spoon of vinegar or lemon juice).
  • Cook hot for 5 minutes and serve
  • Add a dollop of sour cream.



    Make sure you serve with wonderful dark Russian bread!

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